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Sponsor Ads

Please support the business listed here, as they support the membership or provide discounts to the membership of the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii

If you or your business want to support or offer the guild members specials you are welcome to place an ad here. Contact the Guild for more information at 841-1541.

Pegasus Guitars and Ukuleles
April Special. Quantities Limited. Great looking light colored tenor size very curly koa top, back and side sets $70.00. Acoustic guitar back and side sets with great color and slight curl $135.00. Pegasus Guitars & Ukuleles.  (808)966-6323

Ukulele Supply of Hawaii
April Special Tenor Benders $ 75.00



Bruce Creps, Box 3549, Eugene, Oregon 97403

Ph/Fax 541-344-9888




Plenty of good ukulele wood: koa, claro walnut, figured maple, Sitka spruce.

Free Freight to UGH members.