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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii November 2001


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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

Mahalo plenty to Gabriel Ashford of Gabriels Woods for hosting her wood seminar held on Sat October 20, 2001. It was very informative for those who showed up. The UGH also apologies for the short notice announcing this event. However look for another such event in the coming months.

The Big Island once more graced the UGH with new member Andy Berard of Okona Ukuleles and Guitars. By the way for you on the Big Island, Andy is also offering hands on ukulele building classes at his shop in Kona. His first classes are scheduled from January 5 2002 to March 9, 2002. Interested? Call Andy at (808) 334-1305 for a brochure announcing his class sessions.

Another mahalo plenty extended to Director Bob Gleason of Pegasus Ukulele and Guitars over in Hilo. Bob has been providing the UGH with names and addresses of uke builders over in Hilo. UGH is sending out Guild applications to these contacts.

Welcome, Bruce Creps from Eugene Oregon, owner of Notable Woods a supplier of ukulele woods, accessories, the works! Check out his website at or check out the link page on our website.

Local mahalos and aloha to Derek Shimizu of G-string Ukuleles for his membership. Hmm mayhaps a G-string factory tour is a possiblity in the future. Likewise local mahalos to Donovan Preza of Luthier Supplies of Hawaii, Mike Maldi of Ukes Kaimana and Garbiel Ashford of Gabriels Woods for their membership and support.

Once more, the newsletter is always open to all members! SO to share information, articles, uke gossip, questions, pictures, advise or what have you. Simply call (808) 847-1541 (Mike) and let me know what you would like to have printed on the next newsletter. No shame, the newsletter is strictly for member usage so make use. Swaps sales give aways announcements, this is your forum to use. So check out the new post in member forum.

Mike at Hana Lima Ia has extra scrap corian to give away. Interested? Call (808) 847-1541.

Nate Ching has a nice suppy of Pro Tec Ukulele cases in stock. These cases are extremely well made and durable. Call Nate at (808) 263-2358.

Donovan Preza of Hawaii Luthier Supply now has available Fret-Scale Templates CNC machined - Dual sided with 17 Tenor and 15 Concert Fret Scales. Special Intro Price $20.00 Mon - Fri by appointment Sat 9:00 to 4:00 Call 224-5770

Gabriel Ashford of Gabriel's Woods has old growth 200+ type old Sitka spruce soundboards, book matched and cut for guitar sizes. (which means you can get two tenors out of 1 set) Priced to sell at $55.00 per set. Interested call Gabriel at 842-1813.

Hey guys we need your pictures of your completed ukes so we can show other members whats being done out there. Email them to Mike or Norman.

We are also looking for articles for the newsletter so if you have something interesting to share please send it in.

FOR SALE: It is an old Bailey #7 jointer plane. It is 22" long and has a corrugated sole. I own 3 of these things and I guess that is more than enough. There is no better way to join tops and backs or make neck scarf joints than with a good plane. Excellent working condition, Rosewood handles, easy to use. Price is $90 plus postage. Interested? Email Bob Gleason at