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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii November 2001

UGH Business

For those of you who have not paid your dues the November issue of the newsletter will be your last one mailed to you.

Our October UGH Board Meeting covered the following topics:

A. Establishing bulk rate status for mailing from the USPS.
B. Setting time and date for our first General Membership meeting.
C. Ways to extend our membership by inviting builders, players, music schools, music stores, suppliers, and ukulele factories.
D. Applications to galleries and exhibition halls to establish a location, date, and time for our first Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Annual Exhibition of Instruments.
E. Creating more seminars and workshops within our guild membership.
The reality of establishing a strong and effective Ukulele Guild organization boils down to the simple realization that time and energy are a must. It is essential that participation from our members is foremost. So people... member generated ideas and involvement is a must! We are now at 40+ members and growing daily... so lets hear from you. The guild contact number is 847-1541 and we are open to any thoughts and ideas. Till then.... congradulations.

Board of Directors
The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii

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November 2001

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Bob Gleason - Pegasus Ukuleles and Guitars

No need to adjust your glasses..assymetrical mango/koa custom tenor by Bob Gleason of Pegasus Guitars.

Calendar of Events

General Membership Meeting
Date: December 1, 2001 Saturday
When: 12:00 Noon
Where: Mckinley High School Wood Shop

General membership meeting for all members. Potluck event...bring pupus and drinks and meet your fellow members.

Bender Making Demonstration
December 15, 2001
Saturday 9:00 am at 718 Puuhale Road. Hana Lima Ias Work Shop. A demonstration on fabricating a ukulele bending mold. 847-1541 Mike for a head count. Members Free - Non Members $10.00

If you would like to participate please call any of your UGH officers or Mike at 847-1541. We need volunteers to participate and make these events a reality.