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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Newsletter October 2001


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Mike's Corner

Mike Chock's monthly mssage to the members

Aloha UGH members! Relax, inhale slowly and take a moment to congratulate yourselves for a successful launching of an idea long overdue; the creation of The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii. Each day the mailbox yields yet another official (dues enclosed) member of the UGH. It is both satisfying and exciting to receive these daily. Positive responses in so short a time. To those procrastinating but prospective ukulele aficionados who have not sent in their applications and checks...please do so. The basis of UGH success will be it's members and its truly beneficial to the UGH to have a disparity of members from all walks of life, yet hold the common interest and love of the ukulele.
UGH is in low gear edging towards the gate...engines revving...BIGTIME!! in other words while ready and willing at this date there is only one event scheduled for this year. The UGH is still in its early birth stages and rapidly building its membership base. Now is your chance to send in your suggestions to make it a scheduled reality. Realistically, these upcoming holiday months will be for the UGH to continue it's membership drive, formation of member directory, and turning member suggestions into scheduled events come 2002. So if you have an idea for an event call anyone of your UGH officers.
So people, the benefits of the UGH to you are whatever you make of the guilds offerings. We will be member driven and our success comes from your participation. We all have something to offer and share so UGH is here to facilitate this exchange. Our primary goal is to create the best ukulele's period. A lifelong endeavor to say the least but ah...that first step is so important.

Aloha, Mike