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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii


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Joining the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii

Benefits of Membership

The most asked question is this. As a member of UGH what and how will I benefit? In short, what will my $35.00 investment yield? As a member of the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii you will directly receive the following benefits.

A. Monthly UGH newsletter bringing you up to date on ukulele information and scheduled events; outlining tips, procedures, materials, tools and the sharing of any ukulele related information.

B. A vote in the future elections of any new UGH officers and directors.

C. An invitation to mingle and meet with fellow enthusiasts at scheduled general membership meeting... Meeting times will of course be announced in our newsletter.

D. Access and participation in our official UGH website at Our website is open to all members - send in photos of your latest ukes, jigs, favorite tools, rosette design, or what have you, and we will put it in the website. Use our message board... Remember its your guild so no shame, Participate!

E. Access and use of our reference library where members can check out and borrow ukulele books, guitar manuals, plans, tool books, design books, acoustical theory publication, and wood species references.

F. Invitation to participate in scheduled seminars. For the first quarter of 2002... UGH is working on a sound seminar; whereby your ukes will be played by a professional player, and be evaluated by bother players and audience. If you have an idea or desire for a special seminar - call UGH or any of the officers and lets check it out and make it happen.

G. Finally an opportunity to exhibit your instruments in an annual UGH ukulele show. This hopefully will be UGHs annual year end highlight. A show opened to the public to exhibit our products.

So people... the benefits to you are whatever you make if the guilds offerings. We will be member driven and our success will come from participation. We all have something to offer and share so UGH is here to facilitate this exchange.

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