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Aloha out there...boy one big kine MAHALOS  to Andy Berard  on the Big Island for heading up the West Hawaii faction and   keeping UGHS  Membership growing. This is what UGH is all about...SHARING YOUR PASSION  and backing it up with action. Its the old adage ...  someone has got to do it ...    in my book it may as well be you. Quoting Siddarthas golden rule:  To  Lead is to Serve.

  So with that out there now is also a good time to  but out a subliminal message...UGH is looking for a permanent location..more specifically a location that would be funded in part by either the State, or  the City and County ...Know any politicians?  Give me a call.

  Got to attend an interesting session the other night. I was able to sit in on a Video Production of a unique  Teaching Video that is now in the early stages of production. I attended a trial filming and it really went over really smooth. The video is hosted by Kimo Hussey a truly gifted musician and features Kimos method of  really learning how to play the Ukulele and how to train your ear to listen to sound and music. So the cats partially out of the bag and  I think Ill keep  it right there..but in the future look forward to seeing a Unique and Thoughtful Video  by Kimo Hussey on  learning to play an ukulele. Nuff said.any my lips are now super glued tight.

  Gee my own inlay seminar with the Grasshopper  has energized me once again and now with a host of design ideas  jumbling around in the folds of the grey matter  housed in that canister twixt my ears life is once more amazingly  fun. Ive spent the week designing rosette motifs and am now armed with a bunch of new designsnow alls is left is to finish my current series of ukes and I can start anew. So with sandpaper in hand its full bore into the finishing process and  hopefully I can complete my current series soon. It also helps immensely that my older son Asa is now making ukes with the old man and its fun having someone to keep me company and  on my toes..This boy of mine is an inlay fanatic, amazingly anal for an Art Graduate  and as picky as a  horde of engineers   planning a vacation. So our next series will be interesting to say the least. laters   Mike


Ps.     Forgot.will keep you  posted on the Windward Community College planning of Ukulele Workshops in the Month of June. Should be able to get  the agenda for the sessions and events in the near future. With Casey Kamaka, Alan of Ko aloha  and Dereck Shimizu of G-String   sounds like a winnah..So  keep the  13th and 14th of July openshould be a right interesting weekend!

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