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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii April Newsletter
Mike's Corner


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Mike's Corner
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 Aloha folks!  Man time sure flies we are and its already April .. I just finished up two sessions with Hana Lima Ia and now have slowly turned my attention to finishing up some ukes and guitars that I seem to have had  hanging around the shop for ages. Got some new rosette ideas so Id like to finish what Ive started before I begin another series. But as we know time doth speed on , so nows the time to plan your entries for the November First Annual Ukulele Exhibition....that November deadline will come quickly so no shame start your designworks and early planning right soon. Look for entry applications in future newsletters for the Annual  Exhibition.


Just finished attending a improvisation seminar with Jake Shimabukuro this past Saturday at  Kaimuki High School, as part of Jakes Ukulele Symposium. Hooked up with fellow Guild members Vince Yagi , Bob Oshiro and Sonny Dalde who were also there, ukes in hand. Its always a treat to absorb the infectious energy that Jake exudes...the bruddah is jumpin around with energy and his blues improv riffs  in the  A  Penatonic  blows me away. A Mahalos to Jake for sharing his love of the uke and  exposing his love of music to guys like me  whose  only ear training is digging them with my baby get proper and better musical use of said pinky; the Guild will be compiling a list of Ukulele Teachers who are available and  open to teach the general public. If you know of any teachers  and or schools , please call me at 847-1541 with contact information and we will begin compiling a list and have it complete  by Mays Newsletter.


Ive had the priviledge  to receive instruction from bruddah Al Machida with weekly sessions that  have  vastly improved my ukulele playing abilities. Bruddah Als chordal melodies are ...simply awesome...I find it immensely rewarding to be able to play the instruments that I so painsakingly create. So for you makers out there who do not play...look for the next newsletter and its list of Music teachers and sign up..opens up a whole new ballgame .In a  shame get involved. In the words of  fellow Guild member Karl Miyamoto, who in turn  learned it from his mom.... You can rest all you like when youre dead!    So with this I  invite you all to check out the message boards of both the Ukulele  Guild of Hawaii and Hana Lima .com   Register and drop us all a line; and get involved. Its just nice to keep the lines of communication and the willingness to share  wide open. Laters   Mike