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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii February 2002


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Music Calendar / Bradda Al's Musical Tips

Bradda Al's Musical Tips


Hey gang, UGHs been blessed once more! Al Machida has graced us with his knowledge and experience of a musical lifetime (and still going strong). Al will be contibuting a new monthly column about the playing of the ukulele. Al Machida has been as original member of the Kahauanu Lake Trio and has played professionally for over 30 years. You can catch him at the Kahala Madarin Hotel in the Plumeria Caf. Als a guild member and willing to share, so here goes.

Starting off with passing chords. Passing chords are intermediate transition chords which provide fill ins when moving from a Major chord to a Dominant 7th or from a Minor chord to a Major chord.

Example # 1: Going from F major to D7 chord? Try adding in between this passing cord sequence: Cm, G augmented and Eb major 6.
Should look like this: F major (passing chords) Cm, G + augmented, Eb major 6 , D7

Heres some more passing chords: A minor, C + (augmented), C
D minor, F + (augmented), F

Heres more: F7 (Passing Chord) F9, C diminished, F7
A7 (Passing Chord) A9, G diminished, A7
D7 (Passing Chord) D9, C diminished, D7
E7 (Passing Chord) E9, F diminished, E7
G minor (Passing Chord) Gm, Gb+ (augmented), Bb6

This should be enough to get wet, play with the combos and add them to your repetoire.

Brudda Al

Musical Calendar

February 15, 2002 Friday night at the Kauai Community College. The art of solo ukulele. Featuring a daytime ukulele workshop and a concert at night.

April 19, 2002 Friday night at the Art Academy Theatre. Once again the art of solo ukulele. Get your tickets early, this one will be a sell out!

April 20, 2002 Friday night at the Jkahilu Theatre in Waimea on the Big Island. The last of the art of the solo ukulele series.

(This concert series is with Byron Yasui and his gang of assembled ukulele virtuosos. Their concert last year at the Aret Academy was a winner. Get your tickets early.)