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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii February 2002


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Yowza! Call now and come down and check them out! The cedar tops are in 45 sets and will be availiable at $9.00 per set thru the Guild. (Mike checked them out and they are indeed really well cut. They will meet stiffness and grain orientation requirements. While you are there, Bart Potters Master Grade Koa ukulele sets and Cuban Mahogany sets are there also. The Koa sets are $85.00 for sides and backs, and the Cuban Mahogany sets are $ 75.00 for backs and sides. Lots of tight curls and very beautiful. We have 10 sets each so first come first served. Bring your checkbooks.

Also at Hana Lima the heating blankets are availiable for $85.00 per blanket. 4 watts a square inch, 600 watts total.

Hey, big time kudos to Ms. Kuulei Fukumoto! She has become UGHs first international member! Kuulei resides in Japan where she teaches both English and Ukulele playing. Kuulei got her music degree at the University of Hawaii and even played drums professionally with local groups around town. But ah, smitten by the uke bug, Kuulei now teaches with a passion. Got a chance to hear Kuulei noodle around on a Tenor uke at Hana Limas work shop and this girl will blow you away!
Mahalo to Byron Yasui (Professor at University of Hawaiis Music Department) for setting up this meeting. And yes Bryon do send in your membership dues.

As we are handing out Mahalos a couple more to several deserving people. Member Curtis Takano gets a slippery wet one for taking the time and effort to digitally record many of our UGH events and gatherings. Curtis then publishes the photos on his website. The Digital Man also allows the UGH to use the photos for Guild and Newsletter usage. A large but low Mahalos to Greg Uyehara of GKU Ukuleles. Greg keeps a low profile, but his ukes are simply exqusite! His meticulous work is reflected in his handmade backstrips that are availiable thru Gabriels Woods. Greg and Gabriel use the proceeds to donate to the guild and as a result as of today the guild is $100.00 richer. The other half of Gregs backstrip sales will go to a fund that will enable anyone of lessor financial means help to defray costs of ukulele lessons. In other words, this is a gift of the heart and again Mahalos to you Greg for both your good thoughts and deeds. Oh, and send in your membership dues too! Yup, all you who purchased and used the backstrips get a pat on the back too.

Ok, a clarion call to all guild members. Now that we have secured a time, date, and location for our awesome Guild Ukulele Exhibition, we will need members to jump right in and start planning. The exhibition will need loads of prep work, from entertainment, sponsorship, making of display pedestals and holders, food stuffs, auction items, t-shirts, the whole nine yards. So, call 847-1541 or email the guild from our site at and lets get shaking. By the way an organizational meeting is scheduled for February 13, 2002 at Mckinley High School Wood Shop at 5:30 pm. So, show up and help out.