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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii February 2002

UGH Business

January 16th s Board of Directors meeting was well attended! In addition to our solid guild officers we had may interested guild members also present. Mahalo to members Emil Bader, Robert Oshiro, Nate Ching, Mike Maldi, Rudy Tamayo, and Aaron Chock. Topics on the agenda were the up and coming sound forum, calendar of events, and the year end ukulele exhibition.
We have secured a location for the exhibition to be held the weekend of November 15th thru 17th 2002 at the Marriott Waikiki Beach Hotel. We will be soliciting volunteers to head various committees and of course secure manpower requirements. It was a full and informative meeting. Check your calendar of events to see whats coming up.

New Members

Chris Coats
Kuulei Fukumoto
Bart Potter
Chris Calderia
Casey Kamaka
Tom Chun
Gene Takae
Hadrian Achong
Sonny Dalde
Mike Uyeno
Jack Tuner
Randy Haina
Curtis Takano
Aaron Chock
Donovan Preza
Kyle Igarashi
Lionell Matoon

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Radius Dished Work Board Seminar

Mike Chock wrapping up his demonstration on the radius dished work board.