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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii March 2002
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"Ono eats from the Wokman"
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Ukulele Building with Bob Gleason
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Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter!

New features this month... joining us is Bob Gleason of Pegasus Guitars and Ukulele's with the first in his series on ukulele construction. The one and only Rudy "wokman" Tamayo will present his luthiers cookbook. Way over from the Big Island Andy Berard of O Kona Ukulele's will be our West Hawaii Informant.

Sound Forum

Well, the first UGH sound forum is in the books. A BIG, BIG Mahalo goes out to the three awesome musicians that took time out from their busy schedules to come and test drive all those hand-crafted ukuleles built by our own UGH members. Thank You to Mr. Kimo Hussey, to Mr. Al Machida (of the Kahauanu Lake Trio), and to Brudda Jake Shimabukuro. Also a Big Thank you must go out to our very own Treasurer, Ms. Lisa Sakai, for always providing us a place to hold our UGH events. Thank you Lisa!!! So what did you all think about the first UGH sound forum? So far, there has been a lot of positive and constructive feedback on the forum. As this was the first UGH sound forum; this was a big learning experience for all of us. Hopefully by incorporating all the comments received into future forums, we can have even better forums. Overall though, I had the feeling that the sound forum went really well and was well received by the members who attended. The sound forum was UGHs sound forum and was a collaborative effort, which was only made possible by the participation of the membership. From the beginning of UGH, it was stressed that this organization would be member driven, meaning that where UGH goes will depend on where the members take it. So with that I would like to encourage all of you out there to REALLY get involved with UGH. Come to the general membership meeting and see how you can help make UGH even better. TOGETHER, we can make this one of the, if not THE, premier musical instrument guild in the country. We already have something that I can tell you that the other guilds dont, and that is "A-L-O-H-A, a little aloha in our day, spread a little aloha around the world" oops, sorry got carried away Anyways, with that, I would like to say MAHALO and ALOHA to all you UGH members for making the first sound forum a big success. One thing I know to be a fact is that everyone, and I mean everyone, has something or knows something that the other guy doesnt, but, unless he is willing to share. Aloha, Vince


New Members

Howard Tanaka

Franklin Chang

Mackie Avecilla

John Kitakis

Noah Bonk Kitakis

Kalani Wilson

Kent Watase

Peyton Andrews

Jordan Avenue

Jeff Tamanaha

Mel Soong

Rance Pinao

Jake Shimabukuro

 Kimo Hussey

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