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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii December 2001


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Mike's Corner

Aloha No..Twas truly a nice feeling to sit amongst fellow members of the Ukulele Guild of Hawaiis first General Membership Meeting. An amazing feeling to be part of the 30 or so attendees that participated and be able to feel right at home. Think about it...30 or so ukulele fanatics in the same room exchanging ideas and information about something youre actually interested in. So indeed the Ukulele Guild is a reality..60 strong thus far and still growing.
Thought Id repeat once more the underlying mantra of the Ukulele Guild Philosophy...We all have something to contribute and we all have things that we can learn.The uke building experience is a journey enjoy the scenery.An idea is always valid so please share your thoughts and experiences with us...thats what we are here for so no shame jump in.We are member driven so start driving...ya can write us via the website: ya can call us at 847-1541 ya can come to the board meetings on the third Wednesday of every month..In the real world the sueaky wheel gets the oil so lets start squeaking..In fact Ill leave you with a thought gleaned from the Dalai Lama and sent to me by Vince grasshopper Yagi.. The mind is like a parachute....It only works when its open! Damn...hows that for east meets west...laters aloha no mike