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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii December 2001


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Member Forum

Much big kine Mahalos to participants in our first General Membership Meeting! A great turnout of close to 30 members attended and it was a nice and informal way to introduce the UGH officers and talk story with each other. Results of our survey/data sheets which were handed out at the meeting will be posted on next months newsletter. The new year 2002 should be a good one for the Guild and hopefully we can offer a variety of workshops, seminars and events. To those who attended...the cat is now out of the bag...truth be known..ya all got to see that the Ukulele Guild Of Hawaii is simply a bunch of Ukulele loving people who enjoy the challenges of ukulele building. So what better forum then a place and excuse to meet and discuss ukulele stuff..jes trying to make a better instrument by sharing information and resources. Yup we all have something to offer as well as to learn. The constant of course is that the pupus were awesome..We will look foward to a even larger turnout on our next meeting for year 2002 so until then....drop us a line!

Wow...Nate Chings supply of Pro Tec tenor cases is now depleted. The factory will eventually get off its duff and produce more cases with brother Nates prodding...Look for them to be available next year.

Anyone interested in quality cedar tops? The guild will place a bulk trial order for these Red Western Cedar tops and will be made available to members at 8.00 a pop. Interested in this great deal call 847-1541 (mike) and place an order.

Tidbits: Thought I might comment on new member Setsuo to see and play his latest tenor ukulele..alls I can say is Beautifully crafted and immaculately finished with a Mac Lac Nitrocellulose lacquer. Congadulations Setsuo...bring the uke to the February sound forum for a test drive!
Also new member but veteran custom builder Leland Onekea has graced our roster. Leland did the CAD work and layout for the ukulele plans that I use at Hana Lima Ia and no doubt adorn the walls of lots of workshops. Lelend is also the owner/builder of a unique custom double neck ukulele featuring an 8 string baritone and a 4 string tenor in one custom ukulele.This uke was featured by guitarist Ben Verdery in his latest c.d. entitled Ufonia. Verdery composed and played a song entitled Ua Apuakoa that features Lelands unique ukulele in a solo instrumental tune. Check it out.

The Guild received an Email from a ukulele player on the mainland. Let's see if we can help him find what he's looking for. "I am looking for a six string tenor with simple clean, and fairly traditional looks. A darker tone with good projection and any mix of woods, preferably with at least a little bit of Koa in there. Any new or non traditional bracing or soundhole design could be fine
as well. Trying to keep the price between $300.00 and $600.00 hopefully. I am trying to find a quality instrument that I'm not going to outgrow anytime soon. And I want to let your members know I think it's important to keep Hawaiian craftsmen making Hawaiian instruments." If your interested email him at

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