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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Newsletter October 2001


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Nate's Shop

The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii features Nathan Ching of Guitarsmith. Nate will provide monthly shop tips.

When Mike first asked me to do a regular article on building/tips, I did not hesitate. After agreeing to doing this, I got buyers remorse. Questions to myself: What if what I tell you is not correct or accurate? What if someone else out there has a better idea than me? What if what works for me, ONLY works for me?, etc., etc., etc.
Regardless that the answers are yes, yes, and yes, I will still attempt to help you with at least what I know. This first tip or article is more like an introduction to what I might present to you in the future. Im certainly not the last authority and would welcome any suggestions you have. My approach will be to help you avoid mistakes or be able to correct the mistakes youve already made. So if I dont hear from any of you, I will begin my first article next time as the first in a series to help with setup.
My bias is that setup is equally as important as the sound of your instrument. Sound is subjective and sometimes elusive-but playability we can control!

Let me hear from you.
Aloha--Nate 263-2358 or