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Thickness Sander (Homemade)

These are some pictures of a homemade thickness sander made by Norman Takeya.

Thickness Sander Side View

This is the side view of the sander. The frame is made of 2X4's with lap joints. The sanding table is 2 - 3/4" plywood for stiffness.

View of Dust Hood

This is the front view of the sander. The handle is for the sliding table for safer feed and control. (The sliding table was Mike Chock's idea) The dust collection hood has a plexiglass window for easy viewing.

Height Adjustment

This is the height adjustment. No wobble, alot more stable than it looks, and very accurate.

View with Dust Hood Removed

A view from the top with the dust collection hood removed.
The drum was made by laminating 3/4" thk. plywood disks that were cut out on the band saw.