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Little tips to help your ukulele building...

Everyone knows how to do something. We've all acquired certain skills in our uke building careers, and it's only right that we should want to share the results of our craft and also share what we've learned about how to do it well.

On this site, we're going to share member contributed tips to make your uke building easier or better. We might also include some instructions on how to perform our craft, as well as any tips or tricks we've acquired through the years. And, of course, we'll include lots of pictures of the tips.

 Hey   for the Easter Holidays  a little tips on nuts; not the kind in your Easter Basket  but the ones that hold your ukulele strings at even spacings. Nut spacings...try for distances being equal between strings...not  centers but between strings since each string may have different diameters.

 Filing for slots use the fret file  ( or  torch tip files ) and select proper width or slightly  oversized; were talking a few thousandths per string diameter.

 Rule of thumb. For unwound strings slot depth to same diameter of string. For wound strings usually depth is  diameter deep as string is wide. However if you are an attack strummer and play like Sid Vicious..deepen slots a bit.

 Buzzing on open strings without depressing frets are usually indicative of faulty nut slots. Too narrow and string pinches. Too wide and string  wanders, rattles and buzzes.  One other  culprit maybe a saddle that has no crown and is flat. String doesnt know where to be...add crown.

 Filed slots should be in the same direction of your tuner placements and following the same angle as the ramp of your headstock...which means the top of your nut is angled toward tuning gears in the same angle as the headstock scarf joint.


Tools from your local office supply. Take a trip down to your Local Office Supply Store and purchase these items: Fat  Rubber Bands great for holding together sets and keeping loose items together.  Metal sheaf clips, both small and medium sizes. I use the clips to hang up my soundoards, gives them good air circulation. Clips are good to hang any tool or jig that doesnt have a hanging hole already, just clip and hang. Yes, packets of stain powder, fret templateswhatever. Also doubles as a mini clamp, for tentalones, bindings and purflins. Flat erasers, a  must for sanding. And dont forget the magic markers, always a need for a strong visible line.  Round up these items, give the clerk a ten and my lord youll even get back change.

Thickness Sander (Homemade)

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