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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii January 2002


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Mike's Corner

Hauoli Makahiki Hou...Imagine the new year 2002 is now upon us and we get to look forward to a new and exciting year for Guild participation and new membership. Nows the time for the annual shop cleanout and prep work for those new and innovative ukes that we have on plan. Thus the challenge is put forth to all Guild members to start your designs and construction for the ukuleles that will be made by your hands to be showcased in our first annual Ukulele Exhibition to be held in November of 2002. Need I remind you that the eleven months till our Exhibition will no doubt fly on I urge you to start on your instruments early. A reminder: while the Guild is now 67 members strong and has established a solid foundation with a great core of hardworking and innovative officers and directors; the Guild will always be in need of your help and input. For the year 2002 we look toward our members to exchange ideas and thoughts with us all. News items for the monthly newsletter are always welcome and can called in or e-mailed to us via or 847-1541. News items, ideas, and comments are always welcome and we look forward to more pictures appearing on our newsletter. So let me leave you with this personal thought...For me the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii was an idea that floated through my mind in the early nineties when I started making guitars working alone and esconsced in my own workshop. The thought of a fellowship of builders where we would share the same passion and exchange ideas seemed like a possibility...other builders had the same idea...but things do come up if you know what I mean! But dig it...nine years later we indeed have a Guild in which to share our passion for building...This is no small feat and simply amazing...which brings me to this point. The Universal question. What can the Guild do for me? My simple answer. The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii is a fellowship of people from all walks of life that share the same passion for building guitars and ukuleles and are willing to promote with others of like mind, the simple goal of making the instrument better. End of story...aloha Mike