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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii January 2002


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Member Forum

Lets get busy out there...The Sound Forum is coming up and that would be the time to sound test your instruments. Mark down on your calendars Feb. 20th; at 5:30 p.m. at the McKinley High School Library...bring your ukes!
Got a sneak preview of ukes in the making by fellow members... Vince Yagi ala the Grasshopper is working on a couple of beautiful Tenors and on the final stages of French Polishing... Wayne Nakashima has a couple of Tenors boxed up and ready for Purflins and Bindings...Fellow Officers Clarence Uesato and Norman Takeya are up and at em too! Clarence is finishing up a Cocobolo uke while Norman has become a mini factory.
The bending form demonstration at Mikes shop at Hana Lima Ia went quite well and a good turnout of fellow members. Hopefully after the demo the procedures and hints to making a bending jig will help make your own construction go a lot easier. Mike now has another Tenor Bender to use in his uke making classes... so it was a win win for us all. Aside from workshops and demonstrations the Guild survey showed interest in using the Guild to bulk buy items so the savings could be passed along to members. So our first attempts are as follows: Those interested in Red Western Cedar soundboards of good quality and stiffness please call 847-1541 and place an order. The bookmatched soundboard sets will cost 8 to 10.00 per set. If there is interest the Guild will place an order. Item Two...Master grade sets of beautiful Koa and Cuban Mahogany will be made available for member purchase. Sets are bookmatched backs and end matched sides. Set costs will range from 75.00 to 85.00. The sets will come from Bart Potter and are master grade sets of beautiful curls. Again if there is enough interest the Guild will make these items available.
News a hold of a set of Koolau Gold uke strings available through Koolau Guitar and Ukulele Company; headed by the Kitakis family. I Strung up a Tenor Uke with these strings and am very pleased by the tension and sound production. Another Mahalo to Pater Familia John Kitakis for making these string sets available. While on the subject of strings...hopefully in our next newsletter will be able to report information using Flouro Carbon string sets fot the Ukulele. Customers of Ukuleles by Kawika and Ozama Ukuleles are using Flouro Carbon string sets. Japanese Ukulele players have advocated these strings and will try to give some information on our findings.