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The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii January 2002

UGH Business

The December UGH Board meeting was held amidst the flurry of the holiday season; and the sudden realization the end of the year 2001 was fast approaching. Our agenda focused on the coming new year 2002 and the ways and means to present to fellow members, a productive and informative new year of events. Official membership is now 67 and slowly but surely growing. Start your New Years off right and have your friends send in their membership applications. The results of our UGH survey sheet handed out at the General Membership meeting confirmed that membership is interested in informative lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. See this newsletters Calendar of Events to see what we have in store for you. If YOU have anything specific you would like to see presented please inform the Guild via phone (847-1541) or e-mail via that we have secured a definite date for our First Annual Ukulele Exhibition the Board and its committee will concentrate on establishing an actual location. Any ideas or contacts will be appreciated. Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for Jan 16th Wednesday at 5pm at the McKinley High School Woodshop... Come join us. Dates for quarterly General Membership Meetings have been established...see Calendar of Events. These General Membership meetings will be the best way to meet and cruise with fellow members. They will always be Potluck Pupu affairs and both fun and informative.

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New Members

Paul Wallrabenstein
Alfred Canopin
Michael Michaels
Keoni Jow
Armando Carlos