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UGH Business



  Our April UGH Board of Directors meeting was held at Hana Limas workshop. Our first order of business was to review the treasurers report and Lisa Sakai provided an update on UGHs application for non profit status. We are now almost officially secure with our non- profit status.

  The UGH extends a warm mahalo to Vince Yagi and Mike Chock for their inlay and rosette demonstrations. The workshop was well attended and hopefully of some use to those who took the time to come.

  Much of this meeting was taken to gear-up for our first annual Ukulele Exhibition. Since this is a first we wanted to start early.  The Exhibition Committee Chairs are as follows:

Sponsorship and Advertisements                    Clarence Uesato and Norman Takeya

Entertainment                                            Miki Browne

Seminars and Demonstrations                 Lisa Sakai

Exhibition Set-up                                        Mike Maldi and Mike Chock

Registration / Security                                                 Rudy Tamayo

The Board of Directors are asking for volunteers to help in any of these areas and contribute ideas, materials, time, money and / or manpower.

  Miki Browne requests volunteers for entertainment throughout the event as well as opening night at our reception.  Please call Miki at 988-5332 if you are willing to help out. She needs to set the schedule of events.

  Clarence Uyesato of the Sponsorship and Advertising Committee adds: Wow! How time flies, the first quarter of 2002 has come and gone and you know what folks, the First Annual UGH Exhibition in November will be here sooner than we think. Raising money is always a bummer, however it is very important and necessary in order to put on a good show. So now is a good time to form committee to start the ball rolling. Letters need to be drafted and posters need be designed for advertising to music stores, radio stations, musical groups, etc. We also need to put together a complete program for this great event. I know amongst members we have lots of people that have the know-how to assist in this area so please come forward and kokua. I am looking for volunteers to help with this committee as soon as possible so we can do some advanced planning.  

Please note that if you feel that you want to contribute but have no time, UGH will gladly accept your monetary donation by sending your check to UGH and be a sponsor for this event. No shame any amount will be appreciated. Call Clarence, Norman or Mike Chock at the following numbers if you wish to help. Clarence: 441-9218 work or 671-1890 home, or Norman: 833-5665 work or 479-1566 home or Mike at 847-1541.

  The M and M boys Mikes Maldi and Chock are also soliciting volunteers for their Exhibition Setup Committee. We need help on the following:

Exhibition Layout

Potted plants for decoration

Display Stands, Pedestals, Uke      Holders (We can make them at Hana Limas Shop!)

Security:    Volunteers for Security at entrances and exits

Floor monitors

Manpower for Exhibition Set Up.

Lets form a Committee and we can check out the site and put together a list of things to make the display righteous. E-mail me at  or call 847-1541. 

  Ideas and Bodies. The Wokman needs help in his committee we need to design and print entry forms, entry desciption placards for each ukulele displayed, programs, name tags, and manpower for ukulele entry check-ins and cataloguing. If you would like to volunteer call Rudy 543-7999 work or 262-9607 home.

  Norman Takeya volunteered to do the poster designs and of course our Exhibition T-Shirts which will be available for purchase prior and during the exhibition.

  If there is anything else you all might think of and is a concern, which we have overlooked, please write or call in. We always love to share in your ideas.

 Ok, you all get the picture, please if there is any one committee or more that you would like to participate in and volunteer your time and efforts call any chairperson or as always Mike at 847-1541 and we will place you on a committee. We just need to start, time does fly.