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Al's Musical Movements


  The month being May and of course Lei Day in Hawaii.Brudda Al has  kindly  slid in some slick musical tidbits to dress up your favorite Hawaiian songs. In the key of C  how about some of these moves:


  Try these chords as an intro to your  standard Vamp.a pre-vamp so to speak. Goes something  like this:


  A,minor   to   C augmented   to C major   dis is da pre-vamp den right in to the standard  key of C vamp:   D7   to  G7   to  C major. Or Brudda Al gives us a more Macho Vamp which goes like this:


  Using the intro pre-vamp  Aminor    C  augmented   and C major  try dis manly macho movement    D9      to    Db 9      to open   C-6



Ok, to go along with this slick pre vamp intro and macho new D9th Vamp, you can add this modern style  intro to any of your favorite Key of C songs:


C6   (in the second position)      C Diminished     Dm7        to  G7


Try the above at your leisure, Next month will give you the whole boat and you will be able to keep your songs interesting with your choices of  introductory progressions.   Mahalo   Brudda Al