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  Fellow members, mahalos big-time to Vince grasshopper Yagi  and Mike Chock for hosting a Rosette and Inlay demonstration at Hana Lima Ias shop. The event was well attended, pupus as usual awesome and a good time was had by all. The grasshopper got to finish the uke inlay he demonstrated and now has a soundboard replete with black white inner and outer rings and a tight black abalone center inlay. Mike finished his bamboo inlay rosette, glued up and sanded, ready for soundboard bracings on his traditional Classical Guitar Rosette with his piano key motif made of bamboo and black palm. So I guess it all can be done, the fun as always is in the doing. Dont miss the Binding workshop hosted by Miki Browne and Mike Chock scheduled for  the month of July over at McKinleys woodshop.

     Ok a Clarion call to all members, rollup your sleeves and get ready to pitch in to make our November Exhibition a Class event. This issue is all about letting the membership know that they too can and should participate in the various committees to get your ideas and talent recorded. We do need volunteers and this is the best event for participating. Of course you also should start early on your new ukes so that you will have something to enter and showcase at the exhibition. Time really does fly so its best to start a schedule and adhere to it to make sure you have an instrument ready for exhibiting. Remember the UGH board merely shanghaied Committee chairsthus each Chair is still in need of an actual committee of working bodies, so pick and choose, but moreover, do sign up and participate.

  Any ideas and or questions you might want to have either demonstrated or showcased please call it in to the Guild or post it on the message board.

  This brings us to  item two. UGH has decided to upgrade the guild website to a more permanent and easier to format and server. The current Tripod site was a free one and full of banner ads and other restrictions. The decision for a site upgrade at a monthly cost of 20 or so dollars is a good one. Look forward to seeing the new site in the next few months.