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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii April Newsletter
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Al's Musical Moments
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 Im sure you all have been practising Marchs chord substitutions and can all freely interchange  major chords with major 7ths and major 6ths in any key.

Well now for April  we will go into a little Minor work.  When moving from a Major to a Dominant 7th , try slipping a Minor  in between. Heres some examples:

 F       C minor    to   D7th              (This reads as Major to minor to Dominant 7th )

 C      G minor    to   A 7th

 G       D minor    to  E7th 

 A        E minor    to   F sharp 7th

 D      A minor     to   B 7th.

 The above chord progressions from a Major thru a Minor to a Dominant 7th is  a common musical progression....Try it out and listen to the changes as you pass from chord to chord.    Aloha  Brudda Al