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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii April Newsletter
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James Tsuruda, Ellen Tajima, Paul Tajima, Johnny G. Hines, Anchorage Alaska Dale Buzzetti, Patrick Inouye, Glenn Sugioka (Farrington's Adult Education Ukulele Instructor) Big Island: Richard Godin and Laurie Tupasi, Kerry Fujikawa, and Karl (rest when your dead) Miyamoto.

UGH Member Forum

As we swing into the month of April, UGH wishes a Happy Easter to all its members. Guild membership is now at 107 strong and slowly and steadily growing. At our March General Membership meeting the Guild was able to raise 0ne hundred and seventy nine dollars through its auction of member donated items. So a Mahalos to  the following members who generously donated items to the Guild to make this auction event possible: Bob Gleason of Pegasus Guitars and Ukuleles, Norman Takeya of Ukulele Supply of Hawaii, Clarence Uesato with Servco, and Mike Chock of Hana Lima Ia. We will continue this event at each Guild General Membership meeting  and all items donated to the Guild will be in turn auctioned off. Contact any officer or Director if you would like to donate an item or a service or call Mike at 847-1541.

Mahalos for the as always wonderful pupus.  Member Gene Takae who works everywhere including Woodcraft Supplies and at the Hana Hano room was responsible for the tasty Chicken. Wayne Nakashima brought the ono fried and breaded cuttlefish found exclusively at the Kalihi Superette...yeah now the secrets out. All said and done the pupus where indeed plentiful and tasty.At our next scheduled General Membership meeting in June we will have  a Action and Set-up demonstration by Nate Ching, a demonstration table whereby members can bring for show and tell their latest Jig creations or tool modifications. We will also have a swap table setup for trading goods amongst ourselves.

A report on bulk sales items offered to members via the Guild is as follows. The Guild made a smooth  $245.00 with sales of Koolau Gold String  Sets, Koa and Cuban Mahogany Sets by Bart Potter, and Cedar soundboards. Please lets hear some feedback if you want these items to be continually offered for member purchase. We can make these items  avaiable at our next General Membership Meeting. Call Mike at 847-1541 to place orders.