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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii April Newsletter
Wokman's Ono Grinds


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Wokman's Ono Grinds
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"Tuner" Tofu Poker
1 Package Firm Tofu  cut into 1/2" squares
1-2 tbl. sp. Sesame Oil
Red Chili Pepper Flakes to taste
2-3 tbl. sp. Shoyu
1 tbl. sp. minced Ginger Root 
1 sm Package Bonito Shaved Dried Aku  "Tuner"
1 1 cup Bean Sprouts
1 bundle Green Onions chopped
Combine tofu, sesame oil, pepper, ginger root, green onions, bean sprouts, and shoyu and mix gently. Garnish with the Bonito "Tuner" and serve with your favorite Lutherie beverage.

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