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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii February 2002


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Mike's Corner

Aloha no once mo to all you UGHies hmmmm this guild stuff is getting to be great fun. Seems like each and every month brings forth new things to do and new people to meet. Yup the membership keeps increasing and whacko uke lovers abound; a great combination to keep life interesting. Ya keep hearing about the Ukulele and its resurgence..well Im gonna shout out that its here brudda and we are riding the crest of this ukulele waveall I can say is gee for once in a great while Im at the right place at the right time.. How about that? The guild response is proof positive of this ukulele phenomenon and watching the guild grow and share its love for the uke is awesome. No doubt, the ukulele will simply get better. So ok you out there you members on the rosteryou uke factories, uke teachers, uke stores, uke suppliers, and uke musicians jes because you are in business makes you the ideal candidates to jump in and use both the guild and the newsletter to promote your goods and services.
So if ya got something to say or announce jus call me at 847-1541 and well put it in writing. Caution could be habit forming, so try it.

Aloha brudda Al mahalo plenty for sharing your ukulele musicianship with us all. Uncle Als new ukulele playing tips will be a welcome addition to the newsletter and get us builders into the
playing mode. Like I said before the right place at the right time.must be cuz how else do we get a former member of the Kahauanu Lake Trio to share his years of playing experience and his musical thoughts with us? Indeed must be in the cards.

In closing and in case you were wondering about membership dues renewals for 2002Heres the scoopthere is none. Your officers have decided that for the year 2002 all current members who signed up last year are cool. Next dues renewal will simply be January on that note I exit stage left...Aloha no Mike