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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii March 2002
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Mike's Corner
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Yup, guys hate to be redundant, but I got Sound Forum on the brain. So while its still there, Mahalos to Jake, Brudda Al and Kimo for their contribution to the forum as players. Some behind the scenes kudos to Vince Yagi and Nate Ching for their input and again to the ever present UGH officers for their time and pupus. A special thanks to Franklin Chang who helped ease Lisas auditory concerns as we shifted the forum from the library to the woodshop. A low five to Nephew Ryan as he graced us with his Honu ukulele and the excitement that only the young can stimulate. So gang, we have gained valuable experience and information at our first forum. The "entertainment" was awesome, the camaraderie warm and friendly. The "wokman" was there in the flesh and the pupus as always onolicious. I had a good fun time so in the vernacular of the hip.... I can truly say "its all good!"

My, my, the Guild is now 6 months young and its great to see and hear members stepping forward to offer new ideas, and sharing their thoughts and experiences. UGH will always be receptive and we encourage participation so again please remember we are but a call at 847-1541 or an e-mail away. We are growing steadily and with enough participation that I dare now entertain even larger dreams and wishes. So as a believer in wishes here are a couple of them in black and white. I wish for a permanent Guild website and moreover a permanent address and place for Guild headquarters. Yup, what better place than Hawaii for a Ukulele Hall of Fame, an Ukulele exhibition, a Guild headquarters with Music teaching facilities and educational displays. I know theres magic in stating your wishes so there it is.... Like I said earlier, Its all good.

So in closing some final thoughts. It was an amazing treat to have both players and builders together in a singular event makin music with instruments created with loving hands. Did ya notice the similarities in the differences? Each player had their own style and approach. Each instrument had a different flavor and presentation. Yet together with the players uke and performer made beautiful music ...beautiful sound. The forum was a mini window opened to a larger view: a hint of what is to come in November at Our First Annual Ukulele and Guitar Exhibition. No doubt we all left the forum energized, creative juices flowing and with a better understanding of what we would like are instruments to project. Sound and Feelings are subjective and that is what creates different styles and approaches. Playability, comfort and shape is in our hands to control. Nuance, timbre, and artistry in the hands of the player. Together we can do some amazing things and then wishes do come true. Hmm..."it's all good." Ahui hou Mike