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Ukulele Guild of Hawaii March 2002
Bradda Al's Musical Movements


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Bradda Al's Musical Movements
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So gang last issue Brudda Al introduced passing chords that filled in between a chord movement from a Major to a Dominant Seventh. For March, Brudda Al gives us simple Chord substitutions. Here it is:

Instead of simple major chords try substituting a Major 7th or a Major 6th


For C: use C major 7th or C major 6th

For F: use F major 7th or F major 6th

For G: use G major 7th or G major 6th

For D: use D major 7th or D major 6th

For A: use A major 7th or A major 6th

For Bb: use Bb major 7th or Bb major 6th

Practice the above Chords and sequences and listen for the sound nuances from major to major 7th to major 6th. Aloha Brudda Al